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Analyzing Customer Voice

Think Tank - 12:05 pm - 12:35 pm

In an age of transparency, fueled by digital technologies, social media gives everyone the ability to share their point of view and have it witnessed by thousands, even millions, of people within minutes. In this social age, the customer has found their voice and they are using it; they relate their pain points with products, why they chose a specific product, and what they perceive various products to be. With companies these days having a global footprint, it is apparent that customer’s needs, expectations and viewpoints differ across geographies, cultures and markets. To be able to make sense of this data, Customer Experience leaders need to be armed with a new breed of analytics, one that can unite precision with agility and flexibility.


  • Identify best practices to use the customers voice to your advantage
  • Learn how to analyze social data in ways that are actionable by your teams across the globe
  • Discover how to use social media analysis to develop successful CX strategies

Required Qualifications for Speakers:

  • Senior level decision maker of a major organization - i.e. SVP, C-Suite, EVP
  • Executive level experience within a major institution with a direct and relevant focus

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Analyzing Customer Voice

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