Customer Experience Summit Europe | TBD | London, UK



Increasing the Value of your Digital Content

Executive Visions - 4:40 pm - 5:20 pm

Everyone is familiar with the adage Content is King, and as recently as 2008 noted content marketing expert declared that content marketing [is] the only marketing left because consumers have become so good at filtering. But content marketing has been around, arguably, since the 1800s and clearly many organizations still havent gotten it right. To be efficient and effective, content marketers must be active (providing content regularly), diverse (using a variety of channels), and valuable (providing content that really is CONTENT and not just noise).


  • TV, print, and even banner ads are becoming less and less useful as consumers become more adept at filtering and ignoring
  • Social and mobile are the technology trends driving content marketing so good strategies in these areas are essential
  • Content marketing equally beneficial for B2B and B2C initiatives